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Mr.Ratib started as distributor for tasty tarts in 1990. Over time he acquired a wealth of knowable about the industry and distribution in the backer sector. In 1992, he acquired tasty tarts, and rebounded the company to National Snacks.

By 1993, the company have received many inquires to act as a direct Sales Distribution (DSD) for many products, and Mr.Ratib started a new venture called RNW to manage the DND Business.

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DirectStore Delivery (DSD)

We perfected the DSD distribution strategy where good travel directly from the supplier to the retail store, instead of moving through the retailer's warehouses


ShelfInventory Management

It is critical to ensure that all products on the shelf are within the expiry date period. RNW places orders on suppliers based on usage and history of small to major retail store.


In StoreForecasting

Over the past 20 years, RNW has wealth of statistical information that enables them to take the guess out of decision making on baked good consumption by each store in each region.

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RNW has a fleet of modern quality built refrigerated vehicles truck freezer.

The fleet contains a diversity of features including electric standby & dual temperature compartments. Truck freezer offers excellent performance and reliability as well as superior efficiency and enhanced product protection. This ensures that product stays fresh until they are placed on the shelf at the retailers.

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Regions We Serve

We cover Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and sounding cities like Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and all cities in between until Hamilton.

We also cover eastern region like Markham, Oshawa, and all cities until Kingston region

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